Management consulting for companies

Taking your company abroad is slow, especially when it’s being done for the first time. It is very important to find the right customers and partners quickly. An experienced professional helps you get your business abroad cost-effectively and quickly.

Evifran offers a tailored service package for your business.

Export Marketing

It is advisable to start your business abroad with an experienced export manager. It is important that your export manager knows the local culture and habits. We also have a comprehensive network ready abroad, so we can quickly grow your business with trusted partners.


I will support you in finding the best partnership abroad. Extensive experience of different projects around the world enable me to be your partner in designing a collaboration model.

Developing a sales channel

How your business benefits your partners business is of prime importance. If your business is a sales company, you need a partner to market your products and services. It is also important to provide your customer with added value by offering additional services.


Some of my previous clients and projects.

Substitute Taxi Service

Evifran Oy operates a taxi substitution service by renting passenger cars supplied with a Helsinki Taxi MTD terminal and a Semel payment terminal and meter. Our target group is Helsinki taxi drivers. Our vehicles include one Toyota Auris Hybrid Station Wagon and one Audi A6.