Viuhko Erkki Olavi
Born December 30th 1943,
Ruokolahti, Finland


Marie-Francine Fara Viuhko, French citizen,
5 children (-73, -79, -80, -94, -96)


  • University of Technology, M.Sc.
  • Road Construction Division
  • Certificate in environmental protection technology 1974


  • Grade 1 concrete construction manager, FISE, valid until 20.06.2013
  • Requirement category AA responsible Foreman in construction, FISE, valid until 09.06.2017
  • Euro engineer registration FEANIm Paris 1989
  • Reinforcing steel welding, coordinator education, Innova 2008

Special skills

  • Project management
  • Production management
  • Planning and execution of environmental projects
  • Concrete
  • Marketing and project export
  • Project preparation, offer and contract negotiations

Language skills

  • Mother tongue: Finnish
  • English: Excellent
  • Swedish: Very good
  • Portuguese: Good
  • German: Good
  • French: Good

Work history

Bouygues Travaux Public SA, Paris, France and Olkiluoto, Finland  Deputy project manager – 2012

February 2005 – July 2011

Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant reactor building offer and construction
Customer Framatome-ANP (Areva)

Bouygues Construction SA, Paris, France    Project coordinator

June 2004 – February 2005

Preliminary preparation and offer preparation, E18 Lohja – Muurla Expressway

Evifran Oy, Helsinki, Finland    Expert 2002 -2004

Project search for companies and shuttle service projects in Helsinki.

Lemcon Networks Oy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Manager of Acquisitions

January 2001 – May 2002

Nokia 1800 Network construction for Telemar, Brazillian operator (currently Oi)

Evifran Oy, Helsinki, Finland Managing Director 2000

Sales and export services for companies

Completed projects

– Port Autonome de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal 2000

Negotiations and offer for delivery of 3 service vessels to Dakar Harbour organization. Shipyard Uudenkaupungin työvene Oy, Uusikaupunki. Partnered with Soerni SA, Paris and Dakar. Financed by the Nordic Development Fund, Helsinki Finland

– Sanitop Sarl, Algiers, Algeria 2000

Offer for the delivery of 40 saunas to Algeria

– Sauso Käsine Oy, Kerava, Finland 2000

Offer for 40 000 pairs of handgloves to police department of Gendarmerie National, France

– Nordic Development Fund, Helsinki, Finland 2000

Consulting services for Senegal Harbour project

Evifran Oy, Helsinki, Finland 1999-2000 Joint Export Manager

Export ring JV Tercom Group maintained by Finpro

Civil Engineering export to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and the Baltics. Project acquisition, preliminary selection and offer compilation. Export material and website compilation for the group

Hotman Oy, Tampere, Finland 1998-1999  Expert

Consulting the company on its endeavor for the international market. Target countries included Sweden, France, Russia and China. Trademark registrations. Offer compilation for Nordisk Hyrdo in Norway. The company is specialized in lining heat-treatment furnaces. The furnaces operate under immense temperatures (800 to 1500 degrees Celsius)

Sauso Käsine Oy, Kerava, Finland 1997-1998  Sales Manager

When the ex-Sales Manager decided to leave to company and start a competitive business the goal was to secure the future of the company by seeking new markets from abroad. New markets were established in Norway, Turkey, Middle Europe and Canada. Market areas in Estonia and St. Petersburg were also secured.

Evifran Oy, Toulon, France and Helsinki, Finland 1995-98  Export Manager

Sales and Export services for companies.


Completed projects

– Silja Line, Turku, Finland Flavors around the world campaign

As part of a 6-week campaign on Silja’s Turku-Stockholm route, we organized a French top chef for the ships, who created a menu and trained kitchens to cook under his lead. In addition, the vessels had Langdoc-Roussillon wines and tourist information on France delivered by French consultants.

– Saalasti Oy, Helsinki, Finland Market survey 1995

Market research on the use of waste paper from the French paper and pulp mills and their investment plans with respect to the use of waste wood. Saalasti’s service information for factories. Saalasti manufactures wood crushers used in pulp mills for example crushing waste wood for burning.

– Kat Efterlysning Ab, Gothenburg, Sweden Market Survey 1996 and 1998

Research on car catalytic convertor and containing metal reclaiming.

– Raisio Oy, Naantali, Finland Guidance on negotiations

Negotiations of co-operation with a company named Limagrain in France

– Hotman Oy, Tampere, Finland Consulting and tutoring  Spring of 1996

Preparation and advice for the company in creating a business plan for developing company functions and starting international activities. Training for personel.

– Aquamec Oy, Hyvinkää, Finland Environmental renewal dredger offer 1996 and delivery in September 1997

Preparation for bidding competition and an offer plus delivery for Voi Navigation de France in Toulouse, The dredger was used for continuous cleaning and dredging of Canal du Mid.

– Bouygues SA, Paris, France Expressway offer July 1996 – January 1997

Project co-ordinator and adviser on the expressway project Hw 4 Järvenpää – Lahti. After that, as an antenna and reporting company on the Finnish market and in the St. Petersburg area.

– Intrafor SA, Paris, France Expressway offer Hw 3 Toijala – Kulju and the Finnish National Theatre foundation repair offer

Aquamec Oy Brioude France 1994

Area Export Manager, Resident

Building Sales and Service Organization in Western Europe Environmental Protection Machines and Dredging Equipment

Maa ja Vesi Oy Aveiro Portugal 1989-1993 Project Manager

Designing, bidding competition and building supervision of the pulp mill biological wastewater treatment plant.

Tierakennuslaitos/ FINNIDA , Nacala, Mosambik 1986-1989 Projektipäällikkö,

Nacalan satama ja konttiterminaalin uudelleenrakentaminen, laitteiden kunnostus ja täydentäminen sekä henkilökunnan koulutus.

Kummila Oy, Helsinki 1985-1986 Export Manager

Element factories, element machinery and manufacturing know-how export.

OMP-Yhtymä Oy, Helsinki 1982-1984 Regional Manager

Construction activities in southern Finland

OMP-Yhtymä Oy, Tripoli, Libya 1978-1982 Regional Director

Buildings in Libya

Nigeria LTD, Lagos, Nigeria 1975-1977 Head of Technical Services

Purchases, sub-contracts, transports and plans

Perusyhtymä Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Export Department 1975 Export Engineer

Perusyhtymä Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Department of Municipal Engineering 1968-1974

Bidder and Product Development Engineer

Civil Engineering Institute 1967

Asphalt work supervisor